30X Masks can reduce coronaviruses

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30X Masks are made in the USA and their antimicrobial treatment can help reduce coronaviruses by up to 99%, new research finds

Thanks to the incredible technology innovation by HeiQ Viroblock, 30X Masks are able to produce quality masks that achieve up to 99% reduction of viruses, such as coronaviruses. This textile treatment provides masks with antiviral and antibacterial properties that defeat the coronavirus and help prevent vector transmission while removing a mask. 

HeiQ co-founder and group CEO Carlo Centonze explains the mechanism of HeiQ Viroblock to his daughter. (Photo from HeiQ)


A recent research project showed that fabrics treated with HeiQ Viroblock had virtually no infective viruses left (with virus reduction of 99.99%), even after prolonged contact with Covid-19. This advanced treatment uses a combination of silver antimicrobial technology and vesicle technology to quickly destroy viruses.

Our reusable, washable masks offer this exact same antimicrobial protection while also providing a comfortable, breathable fit.

 For more information about 30X Masks’ technology, click here.

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