A Future with 30X Masks and 30X Safe Sleeves

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Experts are already working to predict what the public’s response will be to a post-pandemic world, and our aim here at 30X Mask is to keep you prepared for whatever lies ahead. Our CDC and EPA approved masks and 30Xsafe Sleeves are not just fabric or filter; they’re protected with the HeiQ NPJ03 antimicrobial treatment for 99.8% filtration—even better than standard surgical masks. While most of us dream of taking off our masks and gloves and stepping into the light at the end of the tunnel, the reality is that protective gear is not designed to trap us in a world of sickness but free us to enjoy a world without it. 


Now that mask-wearing is no longer a taboo in the U.S, those with autoimmune diseases, allergies, or other conditions that put them at-risk for greater health complications can feel comfortable wearing masks as often as they want, wherever they want, without receiving unwanted attention. In countries like Japan and China, masks have long been used to mitigate allergies and the effects of air pollution in addition to being a universal preventative measure against germs and viruses. 


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts recommend that retailers “continue to find ways to meet shoppers in whatever ways make them feel most comfortable” including providing masks, disinfectants, and assurances that their shoppers’ safety is of first priority. In a recent consumer survey, 79% of interviewees indicated that, despite widespread vaccination, they would “expect retailers to continue enforcing health and safety restrictions,” comparable to the 93% who said they would continue to use masks and the 21% who intend to continue wearing gloves. With this future in mind, we now offer monthly subscription-based deliveries for our 30X Masks and 30X Safe Sleeves. At 30 washes per mask or sleeve, receive 60 days of protection with every pack or a limitless supply of protective gear with a 30XMask subscription.


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