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Don’t hide from allergies this year—celebrate spring with the 30X mask!

With spring on the way, facemasks take on a dual purpose that will carry far past the pandemic. In the height of spring, allergy counts can reach up to 1,000, which means that anyone who suffers from allergies is at risk of daily symptoms. Doctors like Dr. Jonathan Matz (featured on MSN), Dr. Alan Goldsobel, and Dr. Rachna Shah of Loyola Medicine agree that wearing a mask guarantees more added protection from allergens by preventing pollen from entering your respiratory system. Last summer, Dr. Shah noticed that many of her patients experienced less allergy symptoms because they wore masks daily. "It's like you have double benefit from it,” she said. “Doing outdoor activities with a mask will decrease pollen in the nose.” Healthy Living recommends wearing a mask if you are sensitive to dust, mold, pollen, household, or other airborne allergens or if your breathing is affected by asthma. 

While any mask will help, when choosing a mask to cut through allergies, your best choice is always one with a high filtration, which is why our 30X mask is designed with a filter option for 99.8% efficiency if used with a filter. If you’re like 60 million others in America, suffer from chronic allergies, a 30X Mask can help give you and those around you peace of mind. Even better, our scrub green and mellow yellow masks a will fit right in with your spring style!

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