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High volume, USA made, reusable masks with AntiMicrobial

30XMask is helping retailers, employers and individuals nationwide be better prepared for heading back to the office, back to school, or traveling safely and securely. CDC Guidance is tightening again to help avoid the spread of Covid Delta variant.

Made of a solid material

Fully covers the mouth and nose

Well fitted against the face, and

Can be secured under the chin

Why 30X? The antimicrobial treated fabric will maintain its effectiveness for up to 30 washes.

30X Mask meets all the CDC requirements PLUS:

-  Our Spandex/Nylon blend is super comfortable,

breathable, and won’t fall down your face

-  The HeiQ NPJ03 anti-microbial treated material

protects against virus transmission

-  2-ply design allows for an insertable filter
-  Easily hand-washable and quick to dry
-  Is comfortable for Adults and kids

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