Double Layer Mask - Key to Safety

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30X Masks provide maximum protection
against coronavirus

Double-layering “just makes sense”, says Fauci


Dr. Anthony Fauci recently stated double-layering your masks is likely more effective and “just makes common sense”.

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Each 30X Mask is double-layered, offering full coverage antimicrobial protection. With the option of easy-to-insert mask filters, 30X Mask continues to offer enhanced protection while maintaining breathability and comfort. 30X Masks are washable allowing you  to preserve precious PPE for our first responders and medical health professionals.

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30X Mask - Insert Filters

Research continues to show that multi-layered cloth masks can block infectious droplets and virus particles to help limit the spread of Covid-19. As coronavirus variants emerge, we must continue wearing quality masks. Find out more about 30X Mask's technology here.


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