Earth Day 2021

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Earth Day, 2021 is right around the corner and we’re doing our part this year at 30X Mask to limit disposable mask waste. Like us, If you desire to help the environment while keeping yourself safe, use coupon code “reusable 21” through April 22 to get free shipping and buy (2) 2packs and get (1) 2pack free.

We encourage you to take a moment when you go out to notice the face masks left as litter on store floors, in parking lots, and even in parks, beaches, and rivers, and grieve with us for the ever-declining health of our home. A study in Chemosphere environmental journal explains that, “Mostly, face masks are made of petroleum-based non-renewable polymers that are non-biodegradable, hazardous to the environment and create health issues.” When these masks degrade, they release microplastics into the environment, which scientists worry can travel all the way up the marine food chain into human food. This is hugely concerning and somewhat ironic in the current global focus on health. As Sarah Olney put it in a BBC interview, "As we face the Covid-19 crisis, we all want to do our bit to keep others safe. Wearing face coverings is a vital part of that, but it shouldn't cost the earth.”

Our 30X Masks are hand washable, maintaining their antimicrobial properties up to 30 washes(30x), and have a double layer for an insertable filter for more coverage and longer use. Once you are ready to move onto a new 30X mask, your local textile recycling may even provide a way for you to dispose of your old one safely, unlike disposable masks, which are not recyclable. Buying a 30X mask also supports local economy, as our products are made in the USA. They are CDC approved, comfortable, breathable, and even more effective than standard disposable masks in keeping you and our environment safe.

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