Safeguard your Family with 30X Mask

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Our goal is to give you the protection of our 30X Mask and bring you closer to your loved ones, like 90-year-old Col. Dr. Terry Goff, pictured below enjoying the nearness of his grandson. A retired navy and air force officer and the chairman of family practice at the David Grant Medical Center, Col. Dr. Goff knows the value of excellent protective technology, which is why he put his confidence in the 30X mask, a CDC and EPA approved design which proves even more effective than standard surgical masks. As you experience the blessings of time spent with your loved ones, let us safeguard your family.


Given the recent trend of double-masking, we encourage you to turn to the 30X Mask’s double-layered design and comfortable fit. According to a study done by the CDC, a cloth and medical mask worn together could achieve 85.4% filtration as opposed to the 95% filtration of an N95 surgical mask. While the CDC advises the general population to reserve N95 masks for healthcare professionals, the good news is that our 30X Mask is available to you at a cheaper price, and unlike the N95 mask, it’s washable while still maintaining 99.8% filtration if used with a filter. With the 30X Mask, there is no need to compromise your safety, comfort, or your freedom to enjoy life outside your doors.  



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