What are the CDC Guidelines for wearing a mask? 
See CDC Guidelines Here

How do I wash my 30X Mask or 30X SafeSleeve?
Hand wash your 30X Mask or 30X SafeSleeve in mild detergent and hang to dry.

Will my 30X Mask or 30X SafeSleeve shrink?
No - Our products are made of a pre-washed nylon/spandex/polyester blend.

How many times can I wash my 30X Mask or 30X SafeSleeve Hand Protector?
The antimicrobial treatment on your 30X product will last up to 30 washes.

Can I wear my 30X Mask after the antimicrobial is worn off?
Yes, wear them as long as you like. Even after 30 washes our masks act as a very comfortable normal face covering, helping protect the wearer. 

How many layers are in the 30X Masks?
30X Masks are double layered and allow you to insert additional protective filters. Check out our 30X Mask Filters for added protection.

Can I add a filter to my 30X Mask?
Yes - The filters are available separately and fit nicely into the 2 layer design.
Check out our 30X Mask Filters for added protection.

Is there a nose wire in 30X Masks?
No - Our masks are form-fitting to the wearer's face and are very comfortable. Our hypoallergenic fabrics are engineered to not irritate your face or skin.

Can I return my 30X product?
No - Unfortunately we can not accept returns. 

Can I buy 30X products in bulk?
Yes, please fill out this form here.

Where are 30X Masks & products made?
Our masks are proudly made in the USA, the state of North Carolina to be exact. Our products use imported fabrics.

Are 30X Masks medical grade?
No - Currently they are not rated for medical use.

How does the antimicrobial treatment effect the mask and protect against viruses?
Textiles provide an ideal surface for harboring viruses and bacteria. Over time, viruses and bacteria can be retransmitted from the textile (for example; contact with other surfaces when you set them down, or your own hands). Textiles treated with the antimicrobial HeiQ Viroblok actively inhibit viruses and kill bacteria. By keeping the textile free of viruses and bacteria, the HeiQ Viroblock treated textiles help to minimize the potential for retransmission of pathogens. Find out more about the technology behind 30X products here.

Aren’t all masks the same?
Face masks are supposed to protect the wearer and/or the others around the wearer by slowing, reducing or stopping the transmission of pathogens - but masks are also a potential vector for viruses and bacteria!

During, before and after use, there is a risk of transferring pathogen to and picking up pathogen from the surface of the face masks:
a) When picking the mask up
b) When putting the mask on or taking the mask off
c) When disposing of the mask unsafely or leaving the mask lying around
d) When touching the mask while wearing or for adjustment

And there is always the risk of contracting the virus through touching the face after touching the contaminated surface of the mask or other surfaces contaminated by the mask. 
The antimicrobial resists those germs and will help avoid becoming a vector for furthering transmission.

Are 30X Masks ECO-Friendly compared to disposable masks?
Yes - 30X Masks are reusable and washable, helping reduce waste.